As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.
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We are two Haitian Kreyòls (Steph and Vannie) out of Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from our life as a Financial Analyst/Advisor, Designer, Public Helath Professional, and Entrepreneur; we enjoy life’s adventures. The rush of booking a trip deal as it comes across our computer screens, great dining experiences, new perspectives and meeting cool people along the way, excites us.

Combined we have traveled to 20 countries, 15 US states, 38 plus cities and counting. While remaining true to ourselves, Creole roots and our budgets you’ll spot us trotting the globe in head wraps, elaborated jewelry, bold colored clothing (some made by Steph) and of course a smile! We appreciate and thank you for joining us. We hope that you enjoy and embark on this journey with us! 

Voyaj Kreyol,

Steph & Vannie