Welcome to Voyaj Kreyol!

Hey Kreyols,

Welcome to Voyaj Kreyol! For years many of you have asked Steph and I to blog about our experiences weather about finance or lifestyle (food, fashion and travels); well it’s finally here. Yes, 15 countries, 38 plus cities and countless stamps later, we’ve come together and decided to share our traveling experiences, tips and photos with y’all.

It is not easy to find friends that not only share your passions but decide to actively live them out; so it was a blessing when Steph and I became friends. It’s no wonder we quickly bonded because like me, she hold Jesus near and dear, we both have amazingly strong and pure hearted moms, both Kreyòls from Haiti. We also share a love for fine dining, fashion, traveling, but most notably, we are doers, learners and go-getters. If we want it, we are going to put in the work and make it happen. Often you will find us, scouting Google, YouTube vlogs and various blog sites, in search of tutorials on hairstyles, clothing items, wedding decorations, travel destinations, installing tile backsplash, making mirrored furniture and everything in between. I do mean…EVERYTHING. Lol.

We started talking about traveling together after Steph crochet my hair for back to back trips to Europe and Jamaica. She asked and I said yes!!!  and the rest was history. Next thing we were boarding a plane to Panama. We found that we had great traveling chemistry (very important factor when looking for a travel buddy) but that wasn’t surprising. While in Panama, we started thinking about what the next trip would be. And then there was Portugal; my favorite travel destination so far. Last year we got on the Cuba wagon lol and invited some friends along. We just got back from a trip of a lifetime where we went to East and South Africa (keep a look out for that blog).

We are eager and ready to share past and future trips with y’all and encourage you to start or continue to experience traveling. We want to dispel the myth that traveling is too expensive to afford. Traveling does not always have to be extravagant, expensive and long distance. There are some amazing places you can experience right in your backyard, the US and your respective birthplace. The experience is always what you make it.  More importantly, traveling can be much more affordable now with the various deal sites such as Groupon, Living Social, as well as occasional flight glitches. We will further expound on those in separate blogs. We will talk about the HOW, the WHAT and the WHERE of traveling and take you to see the world through our lenses. Better yet… you could grab your own and go see for yourself; either way, we promise it to be a blast!

Voyaj Kreyol, 

Steph & Vannie

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