A Glance Into the Voyaj Kreyòl Travel Symposium

Hey Kreyòls,

If traveling was one of the priorities in your 2018 resolutions and you wondered if you could afford it or you were simply looking for some travel inspiration, this event was just for you. The Voyaj Kreyòl Boston Travel Symposium which took place at the Fairmount Innovation Lab on Saturday January 20, 2018 was a great success. We had over 60 attendees from different ages and racial background at the event and everyone seemed to have had a pleasant time.

We kicked off the event with delicious appetizers and infused water by Milie Amelie from King’s Catering. Our guests were then invited to network with each other and join us in the photo area to snap a flick with travel inspired selfie props with  phrases  like “Catch flights not feeling” “My suitcase is my best friend” “I stay travelin!" and much more.

We also debuted our travel merchandise which included our Voyaj Kreyòl and Haitian Girls Travel t-shirts, as well as other goodies we especially handpicked while traveling, with our audience in mind. You can get yours here

Later on, after most of the attendees settled in, snacked, networked and snapped a pic, we invited everyone to sit down and welcomed the attendees. After a brief introduction and vision of Voyaj Kreyòl we introduced the panelists and began the discussion. We lead a two hour discussion where our panelists shared their experiences traveling around the world and even provided their insight as Black travelers.

Time was allotted for questions and answers from the audience and we proceeded to our raffles. One lucky winner won a trip with Lisa Reni’a from Intele Travel and two others won Voyaj Kreyòl and Haitian Girls Travel t-shirts. Following the raffles, the audience tuned in as we launched our blog on a projected screen and gave them a quick walk through.

We hope to have achieved our goal of inspiring others to travel the world with tips on how to do it on a budget. All in all it was an amazing event and we thank and appreciate every single person who attended and allowed us and the panelists to share the ins and outs of traveling. If you missed this last symposium, please be sure not to miss the next one! This blog will be your go to for all things travel; subscribe to stay updated, add it to your favorites and follow us on IG, Twitter and FB. Keep up with us with #voyajkreyol.

Wondering what our attendees said about the event? See below feedbacks from our surveys:

“I appreciated the transparency of the panelist about their travel experiences. They were all willing to be detailed about all the tools available for those who would have travel aspirations.”

“The event had all the makings of an successful event. Insightful guest speakers, time for questions, giveaways, refreshments and very hospitable hostess.”

“This was my very first travel symposium and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend.”

“It was a well informative session! Well done!”

Two attendees of the symposium booked trips later that week using the tips learned from the symposium! How is that for inspiration!

We want to say a big thank you to our panelists, Fairmount Innovation Lab, our photographer Miche from DistortedFx Media, our videographer Karl, King's Catering and everyone else who have helped in any capacity in making the symposium possible. We appreciate you!

Until next time!

Voyaj Kreyòl,

Vanessa and Stephanie