How I went to Bali for $394!

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This is by far my most anticipated blog! I posted on Instagram that I went to Bali for $394 and since then my DM has been popping with questions. So here’s how you too, can go travel at an affordable cost.


In December, one of my friends I traveled with to Bali sent a text saying she found a flight deal from JFK to Bali for $594 with China Southern Airlines. This was the same day as a very popular Gala in the City of Boston, I was at he nail salon and instantly got a rush of excitement and anxiety. Thinking to myself  “I cannot miss this deal!” Please keep in mind that within minutes you can miss a flight deal, which is why it is important to book and think later (you have 24hrs to cancel). I nicely asked my nail tech to give me 5 minutes, I pulled out my phone and proceeded to purchase my tickets to Bali. Of course, the nail tech was cursing me out in Vietnamese, but I had no care in the world cause, sis, I catch flights and NOT feelings! I proceeded to continue with my nail appointment feeling excited about my upcoming trip to Bali, and glad that I once again caught another flight deal! YAY!

Few hours later I got home and realized oooppppsss this flight can be COMPLETELY FREE! I logged on to my BOA Travel Rewards card and noticed I had enough points to cover my flight in FULL. Guess, what?! I did just that. So yes, I used my travel reward points to get a free flight and I still have points left to get another free flight. Travel Reward credit cards ("CC") are great ways to get free flights if you accumulate enough points. I use my cc for everything in order to accumulate points to use towards travel; I use the cc and pay it off right away. Usually, you earn points on travel ccs, these points turn into $ that you can use only on travel related purchases such as flights, hotels, baggage fees, etc. If you are not disciplined with your finances, we DO NOT recommend using ccs to accumulate travel points. There are many travel rewards credit cards available, some are better than others based on your needs and of course credit score.

Usually, there are additional benefits with these cards as well, such as access to premium lounges at airports, credits towards airline fees, etc.  Here are some travel rewards cards that you can look into:

Combined, we have used all these cards at some point and are pleased with the services and rewards! Educate yourself and  see which one works for you to start collecting points and grab yourself a travel cc to make travel more affordable and accessible.


You may be wondering okay, where did the $394 come from? Well, that was my lodging cost. We stayed at Airbnb and split the cost as there were 3 of us traveling. Between two Airbnbs and the 3 of us, we each spent $394 for accommodations. I could have easily used my leftover points for this but chose to save them for a future trip.  

Airbnb is an affordable lodging option. Click here to get $40 towards your first Airbnb booking and $15 towards Airbnb experiences.

We've been able to take several trips like this using points. Vannie's trip to Sri Lanka was completely free besides transport. As well as her trip to Australia, a free $900 flight to Kenya and much more. Again, please bear in mind that this is not for everyone! This works for us and is a great way to travel affordably. As always, travel responsibly and enjoy!

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