Planning on going to Cartagena? Here are some things you should know!

Hey Kreyòls,

Here are some things you should keep in mind as you plan your trip to Cartagena, Colombia! 

  • If you do not speak Spanish do yourself a favor and download Google Translate. I am so glad I used this app, I used it to communicate with cab drivers, hotel staff, restaurant staff and many more.
  • You can exchange your money when you arrive, they have money exchange offices everywhere. In addition to that you can use your cards practically everywhere so no need to worry.

  • Uber is available but be aware that it is illegal! I noticed that Uber was available but taxis were also inexpensive so I went that route. Someone on IG asked me if Uber was available and I told her yes . Well, she went to Cartagena and used Uber, before she knew it she was stopped by the police and the driver notified the police that she was is wife! Say what now?!?! Yup! So do yourself a favor and take taxis!

  • The hustle is REAL! The locals want to get paid for everything! On the day of my first tour it was raining really bad and a woman created a walkway for people to get by the flooded areas, she would hold your hand to walk across the man made bridge but the catch is you have to pay her! On the beach they are quick to give you a massage; be sure to say NO and be stern before they start giving you a massage without your consent.

  • It is safe to travel solo to Cartagena. I was there solo for 5 days and never once did I feel unsafe!

  • Do your research on the time that you plan on going. Little did I know when I went it was election time and they had an alcohol band. From Saturday at 6pm-Monday 6am no alcohol was served or sold! Because of this all the bars were closed! I found out about this band when I got to Cartagena.

  • It is fairly inexpensive to eat and drink in Cartagena. Dinner was anywhere between $15-33 USD, $33 was on the nights where I over did it!

Enjoy Cartagena! 

Until Next Time!

Voyaj Kreyòl,

Steph & Vannie