Dismiss the roadblocks … start on your traveling journey

Most people generally say they like to travel and would like to do it more often. However, when asked why they don’t they can never fully articulate their reasons.  The most common answers are, “I don’t have the time” or the other famous “I don’t have the money to travel”. While these are valid reasons, often times they are used as shields to hide the true reasons why most of us don’t travel.  Growing up, especially in a black family, it is not often that we get to experience traveling; it is somewhat a foreign concept to most. We are usually afraid of the unknown and often use realistic and common excuses to mask this fear.

Just as with most things in life, the right attitude is necessary in order to put aside your fear and become the traveler that you desire to be. If you have decided that 2018 is the year you’re going to put your travelling boots on and kick fear to the curve, we got you! We have put together 5 tips to help you adapt to a traveler mindset.

1. Find your why!

Ask yourself these questions: Why would you like to travel? What does it actually mean to you?  Are you saying you want to do it because others are or does it actually have significance to you? For us, traveling fulfills our never-ending quest to learn. We love to observe and learn about any and everything. The world never fails us in that aspect so we will be travelling until there is nothing left for us to learn about Lol.

What is it going to be for you? Do you want alone time? It can be your way to meditate and get away from your world as you know it. It could mean a time to connect with your family. Those moments you get loose with friends and release some stress.  Whatever it is…Find your why! Think about the reason you want to start traveling and if they are important to you, you will find a way to make it happen.

2. Travel your way

In this world of social media and insta-posting and sharing, it’s hard not to feel intimidated to start on your travel journey. How do you even compare to those picture perfect vacation photos and videos? Literally, so perfect! From people who appears to vacation for a living…to pictures that look like everyone has a personal professional photographer and let’s not get started on the slaying and the beach ready bodies. It can seem like a lot of pressure! This is when we remind you that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….and that’s where you are. Start at your own pace; travel in your state, in your country or internationally. Remember to do what is best for you and within your means. Soon enough others will start looking at you and looking up to you the same way you were when you were starting off.

3. Stop waiting on others!

For a while we wanted to travel and used to plan with friends; only to at the end be constantly disappointed and frankly heartbroken. It’s 2018 and the days of waiting on others to achieve your dreams are over! In this day and age, if you want something, you make it happen for yourself.  I decided on my first solo trip to Mexico after waiting for years for friends to travel with me. Until I met Steph! ;-) Traveling solo eliminated the fears and open the barriers that lead to this travel journey. There are many ways to travel if your folks are not ready to join in with you. You could join small personalized travel groups, touring groups, volunteering travel opportunities or even travel solo. Solo travel is no longer a taboo. We have decided to each take a solo trip each year whenever possible.

4. Make time for what matters

Vacation  time is very precious to us!.. Depending on your work structure, you may have to be a bit more crafty with planning your time. Start with your planning early; that means requesting your time first and around holiday time if you wish to extend your days (Steph loves to do this).  Traveling around a holiday gives you an extra free vacation day, you can see a lot in a 4 day weekend. Around the end and in the beginning of the year, there are usually tons of travel deals and sometimes airline fare glitches. The earlier you plan, the more you will be ready to buy in the deals as they come.

5. Money matters!

The first step to traveling is to decide on a budget and plan your travels accordingly. We all would want to travel first class, stay at five star resorts and eat at the most exclusive restaurants. But sometimes the budget only allows for AirBnB (Bed and breakfast, with an emphasis on the breakfast Lol) and food at the local restaurants of the places you are visiting. Don’t be too strict with your plans; travel wherever the deal is. Oh Portugal flights for $150 well then…Ola Lisbon!!!! This is not a tale, we went to Portugal on a $150 round-trip fare. Don’t just do all the touristy stuff; they often come with a tourist price tag.  Immense yourself in culture and do the things that the locals do, eat where they do; it’s usually better anyway.

As with any other journey, the most important thing to do is to Start! None of this will apply if you don’t actually take that step. You’ve made the plans…and the time is now! We will be right here at Voyaj Kreyòl to cheer you on, provide some tips and share our journey with you. Make 2018 the year of exploration; your best year yet!

Until next time!

Voyaj Kreyòl,

Steph & Vannie


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